Our Values

It's who we are. It's why we exist.

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Articulating the difference.
The seven species.

Knowledge. Service. Creativity. Expertise. Community. Trust. Partnership.
These are the values that represent everything we do and correspond to the seven species of Biblical Israel which are symbols of the qualities we need to build fruitful lives and communities.

In Jewish tradition, wheat is often considered a symbol of knowledge which is so fundamental to what we do, we named our company after it. We are committed to providing an educational, enlightening, and inspirational travel experience for you and your community.

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Barley, as a staple cereal and a requirement in many Temple sacrifices, was a bedrock of life in ancient Israel. Our bedrock is quality service and great logistics. Your personal tour operators, customer service team, and expert tour educators ensure that every detail of your trip fits together seamlessly.

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Since the beginning of the Jewish people, grapes have symbolized creativity as we take the same ingredients and create new wines even better than what has gone before. Our Product and Innovation teams are constantly unearthing new sites and providing access to top-notch speakers that will make your journey richer still. You’ll enjoy our technologically innovative services including virtual reality tools and a customized app.

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It takes great expertise to pick the fig at the perfect time. Our company today is the fruit of three decades of experience crafting the ideal journey for every community, congregation, and private group that travel with us. We can walk you through all aspects of your journey, including recruiting and marketing your trip amongst your community.

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The pomegranate, with its multitude of seeds all found together in one sweet, beautiful fruit, is a symbol of what community and connection can create. We believe that connections are what makes a travel experience meaningful and memorable. Our journeys are designed to allow you and your group to connect with each other, the country, and its people in an authentic, inspirational way.

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The olive is often linked to security and trust. In Kabbalah, olive is the Yesod (foundation). We will handle all your travel requirements in a transparent and professional manner. We deliver the facilities, service, and access of a large, expanding company while maintaining a personal, responsive relationship with you. Your needs, safety, and aspirations are our foundation.

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As the seventh and last of the species, the date palm symbolizes partnership and the belief that if we work together, we can be like the single, strong branch of the date tree. Partnership is central to how we do business. We partner with you to create a journey of experience that will inspire and enrich your community.

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Corporate Responsibility. Tikun Olam.

Social Justice is one of the core values of our company. Da’at is proud to partner and support the following worthy organizations:

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