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We wandered around with the goats on our backs for five years until we found a place for our farm.

tmuna-Anat & Daniel
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“We met and became a couple during our studies at the faculty of Agriculture Science at the Hebrew University. After graduation we decided to establish our own farm, which would also be the home for our family.

“It took us five challenging years of wandering throughout Israel’s land and bureaucracy until we arrived here. It was 17 years ago, exactly on the eve of Rosh Hashanah in 1997, when we settled in this magical place. We are situated in the Negev Mountains, and interestingly enough right across from us are remnants of terraces that belonged to an ancient farm- probably a family like ours that lived here thousands of years ago”

“We have four children, all born and raised here. The oldest is now in the IDF. Some people tend to think we are something special – we’re not. It’s just that rather than just dreaming, we chose to live our dream. That is why we have succeeded to build our farm and home here from scratch with our own hands; and that is how we succeeded to later take a long break and travel with our family in Australia for a year. I believe that life is all about making the decision. Once you have made it – the rest is just bureaucracy.”

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