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Drinking on the Job.

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Gal Levin is convinced she has the best job in the world!

After spending two years abroad as the Israel Fellow at the University of Toronto, Gal decided to go into a newly developing field in Israel and found herself working at the “Milk and Honey” whiskey distillery. The distillery was in its first stages of development at the time, and has since become Israel’s first official whiskey distillery. The distillery, located in Tel Aviv, produces a Single Malt Whiskey and showcases its products to tourists and locals alike through its visitor center.

Gal is in charge of the distillery visitor’s center and company development, and through her work she gets to meet whiskey experts and enthusiasts from Israel and from overseas. Another perk of her job is that she gets to taste the whisky on a daily basis with distillery guests. “It’s a great perk,” she says, “since whiskey is my beverage of choice – and it’s pretty expensive if I were to order it at a bar. So tell me yourself, don’t I have the BEST job in the world!?”

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