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Re-opening the doors to the liberal Jewish life.

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“As a child I moved among three cultures, societies, and languages: my mother is German, my father is Swiss, and we lived in Germany and the United States. This multi-cultural upbringing influenced my sense that we are masters of our identity…” This is how Rabbi Lior Bar-Ami explains his reasons for the bold move he took.

Rabbi Bar Ami, recently ordained at the Abraham Geiger College in Potsdam Germany, is an enthusiastic representative of the growing and dynamic liberal congregation in Vienna.  Before WWII Austria had many reform synagogues as part of the winds of Moderna that were blowing in the Jewish world; however, prior to and during the war, most of the synagogues were destroyed.

Reviving the Reform Jewish community is a challenging but fulfilling life project. As an official member of the Vienna Jewish community, Or Chadash is supported by the larger Jewish community. What is your vision for the new growing Jewish community in Vienna?  “To have the opportunity to touch many lives throughout the community, by opening our doors wide and offering a liberal approach to Jewish life.”

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