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Sometimes you just need to look up!

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Michael Kobylevsky works mainly outdoors, where he can take in the fresh air and appreciate the beauty of his surroundings. Though it may sound like he’s a farmer in a rural part of Israel, he’s actually in charge of parking services in one of Tel Aviv’s central parking lots!

Michael and his family made Aliyah from Russia, where he was an art teacher before he retired. When he moved to Israel, all he wanted was a job in which he could meet people, but not have to sit in an office. “In Russia, it’s usually dark and cold, and when the sun would finally come out, I never had a chance to enjoy it.” Because Israel is often sunny and there is so much to see, Michael is able to find art in his everyday life on the job. The former art teacher now takes part in the art scene by taking pictures on his phone – pictures of nature, urban life, and the surrounding skyscrapers.

His photos have become so popular, in fact, that he has a growing number of followers on Instagram, where he updates his gallery daily. He enjoys interacting with other photographers from around the around the world, and hopes he’ll inspire his grandchildren to appreciate the world around them and capture its beauty as well.

Follow Michael on Instagram @mikhailkobylevskii

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