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A hammer and nail, we will take quick, to build a Sukkah, boys and girls.

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This childhood Sukkot song describes the atmosphere that begins right after Yom Kippur in Israel. On balconies and in backyards across the country, families are laying the foundation for what will be a temporary house for the next seven days.

“It’s really fun!” Says Nadav, a 5 and a half year-old kindergarten student from Tel Aviv. “I get to build a real house, not from my Lego.” The “Sukkah” – a Hebrew name for hut, can be made from many different materials. Those who want to go all in, will put up walls made out of wood, a carpet on the floor and set up a real living room with sofas – and then spend the whole 7 days living in the Sukkah as if it was their only house. Others are satisfied with a hut made out of fabric, a folding table and chairs, and will just use the Sukkah for their meals during the holiday.

“What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you on Sukkot?” Nadav is asked. “That’s easy, I brought down my beanbag to enjoy sitting in the Sukkah, left for a few minutes, and when I came back, the neighbourhood cats took it over – they really liked it, so I asked my father if we can build a special Sukkah for the cats. He said no.”

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