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Your congregation. Your way.

Community travel offers an amazing opportunity to connect with each other as a group, to Israel and Jewish communities worldwide, and to the people you meet along the way. We are experts at striking a balance between the historical and modern – combining strategic sites, tikkun olam opportunities, access to innovative speakers, scenic hikes, and so much more. Our goal is to a create a Jewish or interfaith journey that is ideal for your community’s character, viewpoint, and wishes.

Travel Reform.
ARZA World way.

We identify with the progressive Jewish values of equality, democracy, and pluralism. As the Reform movement’s travel arm, we are dedicated to advancing these principles in Israel and worldwide.

Why travel the Reform way?

Group in the western wall
Bar Mitzvah ceremony in the North
Bike tour
Women of the wall
India group tour
Tel Aviv port - Kabbalat Shabbat
Egypt group tour
Trip volunteering
wall of peace
Group tour

Dor L’Dor.
A gift to your community.

Community travel is only meaningful and successful if it has a lasting impact. Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove, Rabbi of Park Avenue Synagogue, New York, describes the exhilaration he feels when he experiences Israel anew through the eyes of one of his congregants who is visiting the country for the first time. “I am totally aware that the dividends of our trip to Israel are not just experienced at the time, but in the community when we come back. I can measure engagement by who has or hasn’t joined us on a trip to Israel.”

Invest now. Enjoy the rewards.


It’s all about the Jewish story. Your congregation will enjoy on their community trips high quality educational content that will serve as an anchor and foundation for Jewish life.


It’s not just about the places you visit or the texts you learn. It’s about what you choose to teach and how you process the journey, and who you meet along the way.


Experiencing is believing. When it comes to learning about your Jewish heritage, there is nothing more enriching for your community’s Jewish identity than the sense of belonging to something that is bigger than yourself.


When you connect with the Jewish story, you are not only reclaiming your Jewish heritage but returning home empowered to strengthen your community’s vision and values.

Start planning. Let’s connect.

Whether you have a journey in mind, want to join a featured trip, or simply want to explore, drop us a note or give us a call.

We look forward to connecting.

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