Private Jewish tours. With the people you love.

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Your people. Your way.

There is more to Jewish group tours than just visiting new places. Experiencing different cultures with the people you love will not only strengthen your connection but will also create shared lifelong memories. Whether you are traveling with friends, family, or colleagues, we will take care of all the logistics and details and work with you to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience that meets your budget and needs. Your tour educator will be carefully handpicked to match your group’s style and pace and will bring your dream to life – whether it is through hiking, exploring outdoor markets, a tour of Israel’s wineries, or all the above.

Family travel. The difference.

Traveling together as a family is amazing. You share experiences, create memories, and have fun while you’re doing it. There is a lot of work involved, though, in getting it right. We understand that each family has its own dynamic, personalities, and often different interests. We sit down with you to get a picture of your needs, and use this information to create a trip that we think will be perfect for you and your family. Of course, if you already have some ideas for the experiences you want, we’ll make sure the right expert is available to incorporate them into your itinerary.

Tour guide
Group on a boat
Father and daughter in the field
Bike tour in Tel Aviv
Family travel
Kid with kayak
Kids on camels
Sand snowboarding in Morocco
Kids next to the western wall
Group in boat
Women on camel
Group by the Tel Aviv beach
Bat Mitzvah girl with her grandfather
Group in customs in Jerusalem
Girl giving Tzedakah
Camel group tour
Grandfather with family
Group tour
Bat Mitzvah Ceremony
Group tour in the desert

Multigenerational. Bringing everyone together.

Experiencing the world with parents, siblings, kids, grandkids, and a medley of family members is an incredible way to maximize your time together while discovering life from alternative viewpoints. It’s a genuine opportunity for your family to get to know each other again, to strengthen connections between grandmother and grandson, big sister and little brother, between parents and their teenagers. The key is to tailor your experience to reflect the different ages, tastes, and desires of each family member. You’re in good hands. We have planned hundreds of multigenerational trips over the years, to places all over the world, and are experts at balancing the needs of all.

Travel with friends. Fun without the stress.

Travel is awesome. Traveling with friends is potentially even more awesome. Nothing strengthens a friendship like exploring and navigating a new place together. However, planning private group tours can be overwhelming with so many logistics and needs to take into account. That is where we come in. We help you sift you through all the details, provide you with an itinerary that will make everyone happy, and take you to exciting off-the-beaten-path sites that you wouldn’t have access to if you traveled alone. We use the full force of our three decades of expertise and connections to create private Jewish tours you won’t be able to stop talking about.

Start planning. Let’s connect.

Whether you have a journey in mind, want to join a featured trip, or simply want to explore, drop us a note or give us a call.

We look forward to connecting.

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