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Your journey. Your celebration.

As we celebrate lifecycle events, we celebrate life. Whether you are celebrating a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a special birthday, wedding anniversary, or another occasion, our celebration tours are designed to personalize and enhance your celebration travel.

We understand that every family and group has its priorities when it comes to your celebration vacation, and we are experts at creating trips for multigenerational groups, first-timers, seasoned travelers, and mixed-faith families. Whatever the make-up of your party, we are ready to get creative and find the perfect solutions and destination for your Bnai Mitzvah or other special celebration trip.

Bnai Mitzvah. Your milestone.

A Bnai Mitzvah means different things to different people. Some dream of celebrating the milestone with a meaningful and spiritual ceremony at the Western Wall, while others envision a heritage trip to Europe to explore their family’s roots. For some, Bnai Mitzvah is celebrated in adulthood, and has a whole different meaning attached to the ceremony. Whether you wish to celebrate a Bnai Mitzvah in the Holy Land, Europe, or anywhere else in the world, we will use our wealth of knowledge to suggest special locations and will take care of all the details – big and small – so you can enjoy a meaningful ceremony combined with an overall amazing travel experience.

Father and his bar mitzva son at the westren wall
Bat mitzvah girl in a ceremony
Bnai Mitzvah ceremony
Father and son - Bar Mitzvah
Shma - Bar Mitzvah boy
Bar Mitzvah family photo
Bat Mitzvah trip
Tabbi bless Bar Mitzvah boy
Bar Mitzvah service
Bat Mitzvah Ceremony

Wedding and honeymoon.
Mazal tov.

When it comes to celebrating with your significant other, we have a huge list of ideas to help you make the experience meaningful and memorable. Not only are we wedding and honeymoon gurus, we have established all sorts of partnerships with service providers to plan something extra special and extremely valuable for the two of you. Need festive meals for the celebration? We can arrange decorations, floral arrangements, and entertainment for any special event. We are vested deeply in every wedding and honeymoon trip that we help to plan, so let’s get started!

Anniversary. Get your passports ready.

Whether you are an organization celebrating its 30th year of service with a trip to Israel or you are a married couple celebrating 20 years of marriage in Morocco, anniversary getaways are a meaningful way to mark the occasion and energize the relationship. We have created all sorts of anniversary travel experiences over the years – from spiritual journeys to cultural and culinary adventures – and we are thrilled to offer our expertise so we can create a trip that is unique and perfect for you.

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